A lean HTML/CSS component library for efficient web development

In the world of web development, efficiency and customisability are the keys to success. With the introduction of sidls, a new HTML/CSS component library, developers get exactly that: a collection of simple but effective building blocks for their web projects. This library, which contains initial components such as buttons, form fields and cards, offers a clear and customisable design that can be seamlessly integrated into various projects.

Simple in design, powerful in customisation

The strength of sidls lies in its simplicity. The components are deliberately kept simple to enable quick and uncomplicated integration into web projects. However, this simplicity does not mean that the customisation options are limited. On the contrary, sidls was developed to give developers the freedom to customise the appearance of the components as they wish. Whether it’s customising colours, fonts or layouts, sidls provides a solid foundation for developers to build on and express their own brand identity.

HTML/CSS library without JavaScript

The decision to use a library without JavaScript has several advantages. Firstly, performance is improved as browsers do not need to load and process additional JavaScript files. This leads to faster loading times and a smoother user experience, especially on mobile devices where resources are limited. Secondly, integration into custom frameworks such as svelte, angular, react or vue is possible. Thirdly, security is increased and operating costs are minimised at the same time. Fourthly, accessibility is promoted as the components are fully functional even without JavaScript and therefore remain accessible to users with limited JavaScript functions or screen readers.

sidls is a tool that promotes efficiency and customisability in web development. With its simple yet customisable nature and the benefits of a JavaScript-free environment, sidls is an attractive option for developers who value performance, security and accessibility.

Start the journey with sidls

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